The last couple of months I went through a bout with Depression after failing health and immense stress factors. It amazes me that my camera and photos has become a very close friend. Photos are stories - each trying to say something about a specific moment in time. A Moment Captured to be remembered forever. And - when we look at these photo pictures - each of us see a different story, and that, because of who we are. Sometimes, when really low in depression, a photography magazine or just a visit to the Camera shop, but above all, a shoot in my home studio, brought some light into my darkened soul and somehow my spirit was set free again. Light is just something so unique and beautiful. It paints many a picture, but when light paints the soul - it brings new perspective, it somehow, brings a peace nothing else will give.

Now, as I've overcome the constant depression, but with my health slipping, when I look through the lens, I always see life in a different format - I see color with shadows and I see shadows with color. Do I still enjoy photography? Yes I do! Photography is to Create with Light a Form of Art that someone will look at and say - Life is happening. With all its realities and facts, life is worth living. My Lens told me so...............

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Comment by Frans van Heerden on June 4, 2014 at 10:16

Hi Deon

If nothing else, you and I share one thing in common - a surname! Thank you for taking the personal risk and share something as personal as your illness with us. I was intrigued by your story and I agree with your sentiments about photography. I am currently located in Kuwait in the Middle East but hope to return to South Africa in time. I got an idea that I want to launch amongst the amateur photographers in South Africa. I think it is a wonderful initiative which was started with a group in the USA and can be rolled out in South Africa. I would like to see you involved in it. Unfortunately I cannot reveal more about it at this stage because of my commitment to the founders of the idea in the USA. Once I am back in SA I will put a total strategy together for this initiative and I hope to get support from the media to promote the idea.

Should you wish to write to me here in Kuwait here is my email address:

I hope you recover fully. God speed



Comment by Mike Tagg on February 8, 2014 at 8:50
Very inspiring message given the hardships you have to endure. I sincerely hope things improve. M
Comment by Danie Bester on January 19, 2014 at 10:11

Thanks for the inspirational share Deon

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