A friend asked me to do her maternity shoot. I need some pointers please. Booked it for Sunday morning. Providing the weather is sunny. We will start in the privacy of her garden to get the belly shots with her, her and dad, then with the two daughters as well. There is also secured parks where they live. Will use it for extra shots. From what time to what time would you suggest, 7 - 12ish? Going for soft warm light. I need to get a reflector. Lens would probably be the 18 - 55 and also 55mm. Sun will be at the back or side of mommy. Will start at side first. If it's indoors I will need pointers.

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Comment by Kevin Richards on November 14, 2014 at 14:28

I have not tried anything of this nature as yet, but I can only suggest that an early start is a good idea, while the sun is still low. Try avoid shooting outside from mid morning to mid afternoon unless there is sufficient shade for the subjects to stand in.

Get some shots shooting into the low sun, which creates fantastic warm back lighting. Will work great on the daughters too especially if you capture some movement/playfulness. In this case be sure to fill them with the reflector from the camera side.

As the sun gets higher, rather move inside and do some soft window lit shots for the belly, you can get some amazing stuff indoors, especially if they have already worked on a nursery for baby. Mom n dad together here might work well creating some relevance, context and "togetherness".

Depending on the length of the shoot, move outside again only when the sun has dropped sufficiently low. Some romantic silhouettes of the couple against a sunset might be cute too.

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