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The First Couple Shoot

It has been 16 or so months of firsts since picking up a camera with any intent at all back in 2013. In fact, being so new to photography means that just about all the work I do is pretty much a first. This was made imminently clear, in the…


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Why-oh-Why DPC!?

I actually wanted to call this blog entry "Why I now hate DPC", which is completely tongue-in-cheek, but I feared it may create the wrong impression.


Anyway, now that I have your attention;


Since attending the basic DPC course last year, it has almost been an obsession for me to post my two weekly shots for critique. I needed to get my fix.


In the beginning, it was all about experimenting and fiddling and ..... well ..... fun. And besides, all…


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Lessons from the Photobooth

I recently had the privilege of being asked to do a photo-booth type shoot for a combined 18th and 21st birthday party.

Naturally, I had grand ideas about what to do on on the shoot, and being and ex boy-scout I have a tendency to over prepare, so I started planning and getting advice early on on how to handle this particular shoot. It was a little nerve wracking as it would be my fist shoot with my new lights outside of my lounge...... anyway.

The best advice I…


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The Shades of Grey

No, this is not some sort of nod to THAT book, nor the upcoming movie actually, but rather a bit of self-reflection on my photography.

When I have a look at my work, well when I say “work”, I mean the progression of my photography since the time I attended DPC in September 2013, I have noticed something quite interesting in that although I have a pretty balanced distribution of colour versus mono shots, I by far prefer the black and whites. By a substantial margin no…


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The Astrophotographer Noob

Last night was the May new moon and I took the opportunity to do a dry run of a milky way shot. I will be in a much better suited location (i.e. much darker) for the June new moon, but I decided I needed a practice run.

The images below were shot from my garden at 2am, 29 May 2014.

I live quite far South of Johannesburg, but the light pollution was still so bad I could not shoot anywhere near the horizon as I had planned and ended up literally shooting vertical…


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The Coaches

I thought I would just quickly share another side of the Indoor Cricket we are busy photographing for PhatPhotos.

Behind the scenes, you can just see how much some of the coaches care for their teams and these two shots pretty much sum it up quite well.

PS - I don't think I have worked so hard, ever. But it is totally worth it!!…


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The Photographer...?

It has been a hectic few months between work and life in general and I realised it has been a while since I posted a blog entry. I was away and unplugged for a short while and a few photography things have been stewing in my mind whilst my head was no longer filled with mundane things like work and making money.

Chief among the topics under furious debate, with myself, was at what point does one call themselves a photographer?

A simple question you may think, but in…


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For the Birds

I tried my hand at taking a few shots of the birds in my garden this weekend and I have a few things to share;


To start with: RESPECT to anyone who does this on a larger scale. I am not the most patient person so lying on the grass waiting for something to come close enough for my measly 250mm lens to pick up decently was painful, both physically and mentally. Then, to finally have a LBJ close enough to me for a half decent shot only to have…


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Playing with Light

Well, although I am not quite done with this particular project, I thought I would share the results so far. Specifically because it has kind of evolved into something new that I am exploring. If you follow the progression below you will see what I mean.

My brief for this project was fairly simple. The pictures could not have any discernible subject. Additionally, shapes, colours, textures, composition etc. had to come only from the manipulation of light. Nothing else. This…


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The Project Manager

Well, all has been said and done. I have completed the DPC beginners course (some weeks ago actually, but life seems to have gotten in the way of late) and I assume I can officially call myself an amateur photographer. This, however, posed a perplexing question. What exactly is an "Amateur Photographer"? I mean besides the obvious fact that there are preciously few souls willing to part with hard earned cash in exchange for any of my photographs. Well, make that none actually. Mom does…


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The Wallflower

For those who have already met me or read my last blog post, you would not be wrong in your placing me squarely in the “Type B” personality box. Although, this method of categorizing people is generally criticized as being too general, I am by no means a psychology buff, so I will refrain from starting a debate on the subject.

Having said that; I am well aware of the fact that I am an introverted individual who prefers one-on-one interaction and in general, will only speak my…


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The Mad Scientist

When I was around 12 or 13 years old, just about to make my way into high school, I was sent for one of those career guidance tests that are supposed to help young people choose potential careers. What the tests showed was that I could do just about any job where I was left alone to get on with it. At the time, I was completely unimpressed with this, as I had no idea what I wanted to do and the hours of testing basically gave me no answer.

Fast forward 26 years and after…


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