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Sumi-e Paintings.

I would like to share some information regarding Sumi-ink art.

Sumi is strongly influenced by ZEN BUDDHISM.

It was done by Chinese and Japanese monks.Ink wash painting focus on essentials.

Everyday useless detail is dismissed in order to catch the essence of the subject.

There is no room for hesitation in Sumi-e that way it usually takes several attempts to catch the essence of the subjects

It can be achieved by being relaxed at the same time very…


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The little train who said I think I can....

The other night I was watching something on TV ,and then this idea came to me. Sometimes it feels as if we are like the little train that went up the hill. It is very steep and the load is heavy .Sometimes it even feels as if we are not moving on at all.Just like the little train,but the little train kept on saying I think I can,I think  I can.....Eventually  he made it to the top of the hill, BECAUSE he had a passion for what he was doing.I believe that if you set you mind to something and…


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Kyk na julle oe.

Dit is baie belangrik dat fotograwe na hulle oe moet kyk. Baie van ons spandeer  lang periodes tyd  buite in die son en dit kan  n negatiewe uit werking op jou oe  he. Volgens my oogarts begin  mense in Suid Afrika al 20 jaar voor mense in  Engeland bril dra . Die rede DIE SON .

So sit maar die GOEIE sonbril op.

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Namibia trip

I have been to Namibia for the last two weeks .This was heaven as it is such a diverse country. If you have a 'to do list ' this is definitley something to put on it. I cant wait for next year to go again. We spend most of our time at Swakkop and Walvisbay touring up and down the coast, and in to the dunes.We went through Botswana to Windhoek and took a different route back thourgh Upington to get home again. it is very difficult to pick favourites as there are so many.  

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