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The Mad Scientist

When I was around 12 or 13 years old, just about to make my way into high school, I was sent for one of those career guidance tests that are supposed to help young people choose potential careers. What the tests showed was that I could do just about any job where I was left alone to get on with it. At the time, I was completely unimpressed with this, as I had no idea what I wanted to do and the hours of testing basically gave me no answer.

Fast forward 26 years and after…


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The Photographer

I remember my first photography class with Danie Bester. I was beyond myself with excitement. This was a new era. New things to learn. Aperture, Shutter speed, focal length; a camera manual the size of my bible, there were lenses and HDR and things I think my mom said I should never get involved with. But I got involved, I got very involved, I actually got so involved that a single lens and build-in flash would not satisfy the passion for what light could do if captured correctly. Exposure…


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