Taken at Black horse brewery

Nikon D5300 at 55mm focal lenght
ISO 100
1/8th second

Retouching done in Lightroom and some elements erased in photoshop

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Comment by Glen Fouche' on January 2, 2018 at 22:50

When presented with an artistic image, it is not always easy to comment.

i like the effect that was achieved, but find my eye need something , no matter how small, to be sharp.

it almost looks (using my IPad on holiday) like the background is a sharper item and catches the eye, when I should be drawn to the horses eye instead. I cannot decide whetether the cropping tightly on th ears and nose were deliberate or if a bit of space would have been better.

The deliberate use of a slow shutter has encouraged me to use a similar technique as I think it has great potential.

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