Location. Kruger National Park
Camera & Lens Canon 80D Tamron 70-200 lens
Program Used Aperture Priority
ISO 100
Shutter Speed 1/1000 sec
Aperture f 3.2 70mm
Meter Mode Evuative metering
Flash used? No
Filter. No
Tripod. No
Treatment / Post editing Lightroom 6
Olifant het ons moter van agter af gestorm. Ek het my lens by venster uit gehad en was op my kniee op sitplek. Moes baie vinnig neem, omdat hy op ons afgestorm het. My man moes vinnig weggery het na die foto.

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Comment by Danie Bester on January 16, 2018 at 19:49

Powerful and striking image, which Most certainly draw the viewer's attention. Personally, I would have darkened the exposure just a little bit to add to the drama. Nevertheless, a well-deserved feature!

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