Shot of the Month Competition

Shot of the Month

The SOTM will be decided by the Shot of the Week (SOTW) winners. At the start of every new month, the judges consisting of a minimum of 2 administrators will decide on the winning shot. If the judges cannot decide on an overall winner for SOTM we will allow a tie. In other words, we will allow two images for SOTM. 

Wildcard shots may be selected from the SOTW winners, at the judges' discretion, to be considered for the SOTY competition. Note - Photos selected as Wildcards does not make them SOTM winners.

The winner of the Monthly competition will be awarded a discount voucher of R600 on any photographic workshop by DPC | Digital Photography Courses.

Winners will be announced, around the 5th of each month: 

The winning SOTM images will be taken into account for the prestigious Shot of the Year (SOTY) competition. The SOTY will comprise of (3) categories, namely Portraiture, Fauna and General. 

  • Portraiture
    • Main emphasis on People
  • Fauna
    • Animals, Avian, Amphibian, Reptiles, Insects
  • General Category
    • Flora, Travel, Landscapes, Seascapes, Underwater, Cityscapes, Architecture, Street Photography, Transport, Botanicals, Aerial
    • Main emphasis on scenery, which may include people and fauna as secondary subjects


Shot of the Month, 2018

"Ismay | 14 Days new" by Robyn Prevost, February 2018 (Portraiture Category)

"The light will be my guide" by Nicolene Theunissen, January 2018 (General Category)

"I live in Colour" by Nate Green, January 2018 (Portraiture Category)

"Daars Water" by Gerda Robbertse, January 2018 (Fauna Category)


Shot of the Month, 2017

"Colourful Beginnings" by Lyndie Pavier, November 2017 (Portraiture Category)

"Flower" by Susan van Wyk, November 2017 (General Category)

"Night or day, we play!" by Nicolene Theunissen, November 2017 (Wildcard)

"Trying to steer my way" by Charlaine Gerber, October 2017 (General Category)

"The things I wish you knew" by Nicolene Theunissen, October 2017 (Portraiture Category)

"Greyson on Day 6" by Robyn Prevost, September 2017 (Portraiture Category)

"And the sun will make for your way" by Charlaine Gerber, September 2017 (General Category)

"Piggy Eyes" by John Griffin, August 2017 (Fauna Category)

"Baboon" by Leo van Vuuren, August 2017 (Fauna Category)

"Abstract Cityscape" by Caleb Dredge, July 2017 (General Category)

"His Master's Voice" by Leon Pelser, July 2017 (Portraiture Category)

"On the Stairs" by Charlaine Gerber, June 2017 (Portraiture Category)

"Untitled" by Luke Brouwers, June 2017 (General Category)

"Man Made Mountains (1)" by Nadia de Lange, May 2017 (General Category)

"Love and Balloons" by Yolandi Jacobsz, May 2017 (Portraiture Category)

"And nobody seems to know where you go" by Charlaine Gerber (May Wildcard General Category)

"The Race" by Caleb Dredge (May Wildcard, General Category)

"Walking away" by Nadia de Lange (May Wildcard General Category)

"Selfie Road" by Deborah Jordan, April 2017 (General Category)

"Lines and Light" by Yolandi Jacobsz, April 2017 (Portraiture Category)

"Where the lights won't move and the colours won't fade" by Charlaine Gerber, March 2017 (General Category)

"No.7 Express" by Eugene Armer, March 2017 (General Category)

"Pelicans in the Light" by Charlaine Gerber, February 2017 (Fauna Category)

"On Watch" by Ashleigh Pienaar, February 2017 (General Category)

"Black Heron Departing" by Charlaine Gerber, January 2017 (Fauna Category)

"Art from ten thousand feet" by Leon Pelser, January 2017 (General Category)


Shot of the Month, 2016

"Connect" by Nadia de Lange, December 2016

"Ballet Beauty 2" by Antoinette Reinecke, December 2016

"Prayer and Exercise" by Deborah Jordan, November 2016

"Rain" by Nadia de Lange, November 2016

"Prima Ballerina" by Ashleigh Pienaar, October 2016

"Three" by Nadia de Lange, October 2016

Leon Pelser "the passenger" September, 2016

Luke Brouwers "What lies behind" August 2016

Caleb Dredge "People and the Seaside" July 2016 (Human Category)

Ashleigh Pienaar "The Grande Dame of the bush" July 2016 (Nature Category)

Leon Pelser "From a distance" June 2016

Leon Pelser "Companion to the end" May 2016 ( Human category )

Roland "On the lookout" April 2016

Amy McGinley "Sensual dreamer" March 2016 (Human category)

Nadia de Lange "Endurance"  Nature category  March 2016

Ken Jennings "Solitude on misty lake" February 2016 "

Amy McGinley "That Look" January 2016

Leon Pelser "The story of my life" January 2016

Nadia de Lange "A man and his dog" January 2016



Shot of the Month, 2015

Danie Coetzee " Young dreams " December 2015

Coenraad Albertyn " Barbed wire of death " November 2015

Nadia de Lange " Walking to the light " November 2015

Jenay Jordaan " Offering " October 2015

Caleb Dredge " The heat of competition " September 2015

Koos Fourie " The back roads of the Overberg " August 2015

Luke Brouwers " Dreams " July 2015

Koos Fourie " Fight for life 4 " July 2015

Marethe Grobler " Old soul young girl " June 2015

Luke brouwers " Trees in the mist " June 2015

Izak van Heerden " Keep Clean " May 2015

Amy McGinley " Shadowed Soul " April 2015

Luke Brouwers " Early Morning Clouds " April 2015

Luke Brouwers " Little One " March 2015

Cobus Eksteen " Starry Sky " February 2015

Gareth Heasman " Oliver first photo " January 2015


Shot of the Month, 2014

A New Year and a fresh Shot of the Month (SOTM) competition! 

The SOTM will be decided by the Shot of the Week (SOTW) winners. At the start of every new month, the judges consisting of a minimum of 2 administrators will decide on the winning shot. If the judges cannot decide on an overall winner for SOTM we will allow a tie. In other words, we will allow two images for the SOTM. 

Unless otherwise decided, the winner of the Monthly competition will come in contention for a free one-day photographic workshop sponsored by DPC | Digital Photography Courses. For this reason, it is only logical that only persons, who live in the RSA will come in contention. The prize is non-refundable and not exchangeable.

Winners will be announced, around the 5th of each month.

The winning SOTM images will be taken into account for the prestigious Shot of the Year (SOTY) competition. The good news is that for this year's competition the SOTY will comprise of (2) categories, namely Nature and Human. 

Nature category:

  • Fauna and Flora | Wildlife, animals, insects reptilians, plants, flowers etc (Outdoors and Studio)
  • Landscapes and Seascapes ( including rural scenes which may include human elements)

Human category:

  • People | Portraits, street photography, social documentary, fashion, beauty etc (Outdoors and Studio)
  • Architectural, (Interiors and Exterior) and Street Scenes
  • Manufactured elements (Outdoors and Studio)


Images for 2014: 

Gustav " Middle Eastern Architecture" December 2014

Glen Fouche " Hagia Sophia " November 2014

Nolan Lister " At peace " November 2014

Nolan Lister " Exhale " October 2014

Michael Blain " Beach sunrise abstract " October 2014

Belinda Gibson " Mothers milk gives nourishment and comfort to a Koi-San child " September 2014

Leon Pelser " Man's best friend " September 2014

Nolan Lister " Copper freckles " August 2014

Rina Gertzen " Serenity " August  2014

Reino van Wyk " Serious "  July 2014

Christina Holt " Pienza " June 2014

Sarel Du Plessis " Hotrodders " June 2014

Lee Lahner " Sashika " May 2014

Danie Coetzee " View from the pier " May 2014

Jes Hunter  " (s)AINT " April 2014

Leon Pelser " View at Mabhida roof " April 2014

Mohan Tipre " At Salt Pan " March 2014

Cara Wilton " Midland Morning " March 2014

Kevin Richards " Ghost drummer " February 2014

Kobus Eksteen " Fire in the Sky " February 2014

Natural History Museum by Glen Fouche (Human Category) | January 2014

"91" by Leon Pelser (Human Category) | January 2014 

Shot of the Month, 2013 (Closed on 31 December 2013) 

Marius van Aardt " Singapore sling "  2013  Admin wild card entry.

Sandra van Heerden " Worker in the mist "  2013  Admin wild card entry.

Chris Jones " Attitude "  2013  Admin wild card entry.

Neil Joubert " Wondering "  2013  Admin wild card entry.

Lize Hill " When life is cold "  2013  Admin wild card entry.

Leon Pelser " En daar was lewe "  2013  Admin wild card entry.

Gerhard " Kriel snow "  2013  Admin wild card entry.

Chris Watkins " Victoria baai "  2013  Admin wild card entry.

Chris Jones " Hardship "  2013  Admin wild card entry.

Michael Krige " Heroin " December 2013

Sandra van Heerden " Rooikat " November 2013

Anthony Comyn " Distraught " October 2013

Leon Pelser " Trees in delta " September 2013

Matthew Copham " Struggle for life " September 2013

Michael Blain "Clearing the Coal Box" August 2013

Ursula Koekemoer " Lonely trees " July 2013

Leon Pelser " Op Patrolie " July 2013

Leon Pelser " Adam the farmer " June 2013

Sandra van Heerden " Morning mist " June 2013

Tiaan Reyneke " The day after tomorrow " May 2013

Gerhard " Lekka Le "  April 2013

Warren James Krige " Morning sun " March 2013

Mark Sampson " Make my Day " February 2013

Johnny Barrington " End of day " January 2013

Mike Tagg "Boy at religious festival" December 2012

Tinus Beyers "Bfly" December 2012


Shot of the Month Competition, 2012


 Matthew Copham " Cheetah at sunset " November 2012

Jes Hunter " Eve " October 2012

Gerda Robbertse " Witkeelswaeltjies " September 2012

Leon Pelser " Lanterns " August 2012

Matthew Copham " Lion @ Play " July 2012

Pietman Muller " Clashing Bulls "   June 2012

 Mike Tagg " Varanashi man in the street May 2012


Leon Pelser " Children of war " April 2012

Koos Fourie " Pedestrian in the mist " March 2012

Leon Pelser "  n  Storie sonder woorde "  February 2012

Izak van Heerden " Christmas afterglow " January 2012


Fredere de Jager ' Waterfall Beauty " December 2011

Leon Pelser " Are we there yet " November 2011


Hendrik Venter " Ant in the sun " November 2011

 Dedrei " Don't like this weather" October 2011

  Peter John Martin " Planted Alley wall " October 2011

 Gustav "Remembered" September 2011


Shot of the Month, 2011


Neil Joubert " Soccer city Game Night " August 2011


Leon Pelser " Dancing Ladybird" July 2011



Ewald Sadie "Fairytale descend" June 2011




  Pietman Muller " Klikbek"  May 2011



Ryno Taljaard "Working till dawn" May 2011



Michael Vorster "Waterdrop 2"  April 2011


 Carminda Swanepoel "Light at the End"



Mal Selby "Fire Drill" February 2011



Leon Pelser, January 2011



Tim Moolman, "Wedding Image" December 2010



Bruna Mentrup-Nortjè, "Trees" November 2010







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