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About Photo Critic…


Photo Critic is a photography network, mainly for students of DPC | Digital Photography Courses. Members are allowed to submit up to two (2) images per week for constructive critique and evaluation by your peers.

As from January 2018, the DPC instructors, will no longer provide critiques on every photo. We are currently spending our efforts and energy on developing and implementing a brand-new online platform, specifically tailored to supplement our face-to-face classes. You can read all about changes to our education : DPC ROADMAP 2018

What are the benefits of Photo Critic? 

It is packed with features to help you become a better photographer, and to help others as well. Check out some of the features we offer...

  • Updates on Courses, Workshops, Materials and Notes
  • Forums, Blogs, Groups, Classifieds
  • Live Discussions via Chat and Video Chat
  • News on upcoming events, including workshops and photographic excursions
  • Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Photographic Competitions, Quizzes, Weekly Photo Ideas, Editing Techniques
  • Featured Photographers, Videos etc


Uploading your Photographs and Settings onto Photo Critic…

Before submitting images, please check the rules for posting images.

If you are having any difficulty to upload your photographs and settings, please click on the link below to follow a simple step-by-step walk-through…


Rules for Posting Images on Photo Critic...

  • Every image should have a suitable title...

  •  With each image, you should provide the following info:
  1. Camera & Lens (i.e. Nikon D80, 18-105mm lens)
  2. Program Used (i.e. Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual, Program AE, Automatic etc.)
  3. ISO (i.e. ISO 100)
  4. Shutter Speed (i.e. 1/200th/sec)
  5. Aperture (i.e. f/5.6)
  6. Meter Mode (i.e. matrix, evaluative, partial, spot, center weighted etc)
  7. Flash used? (i.e. external speedlight, on-camera flash, multi-speedlights)
  8. Treatment / Post editing (i.e. converted the image to mono in Photoshop, and sharpened the image)
  9. (If you don't know how to get the settings... In Windows, Right Click on the File and go to Properties, Advanced... to view the settings)

  • If necessary supply additional information for example how you took the image (with a tripod, lying on the ground, shooting from the top to prevent clutter in the shot, I ran 250 meters after the man and asked him to take his portrait...). Also, don't hesitate to say why you feel it is a good shot and where you think you could have improved on the shot)

  •  You may only post 2 (Two) images per week. (Mondays to Sundays). Apart from being a platform where our team and other members can evaluate your images, it should also showcase, only your best work. For this reason, every member may only post 2 images per week. 
  • After approval, we expect that all the members, who are actively uploading images, will comment on, and provide photo critiques. 
  • Please note that if you send in more than 2 photos in one week, we will summarily delete them without feedback.

  •  Send us only your best images. Your albums/photos should serve as a mini portfolio of your best shots. For this reason, we will disapprove weaker images that we feel will not do you, or the site any justice. Then also, don't hesitate to personally delete some of your older weaker shots as you upload new and greater work. In this way, you would learn to judge your own work, which is a much-needed trait of all photographers.

  •  In terms of comments and rating of photos; we are all striving to take better photos. For this reason, expect the comments to be straightforward and direct. However, the critiques will be constructive enough to help you with your photo taking; i.e. "shadow cast bothers me", "composition could be better by framing the subject to the right and cropping some of the clutter away on the left", "time of day", "lighting is flat", "too many hotspots" etc....


Which photos will be approved...

  • We will no longer summarily approve all the images our members upload. The reason for this is that we often receive photographs where zero photographic principles have been applied; such as the image is completely out of focus (without reason), no thinking went into the composition etc.
  • In other words, we would like to see that you adhered to the basic elements good photographs should consist of. Elements we will take into account are...
  1. Composition and Content (is it interesting and thoughtfully framed)
  2. Focus
  3. Exposure and Light
  4. Timing
  5. Careful Retouching (not overdone, or too flat)


Rules on Digital Manipulation and Composites...

  • Retouching has always been part of photography and we cannot negate the importance of appropriate retouching. We accept that suitable digital retouching is as much part of the photographic process as is the taking of photos. In fact, we assume that all photo submissions are edited to some degree; in order to present your work in a thoughtful and respectable way.
  • We allow composites and serious digital photographic manipulation as well. However, since we are foremost a Photography Platform, we prioritise good photography, storytelling, and solid photographic technique over digital manipulation. In case you're submitting composites, and extensively digitally manipulated work, please state and explain your processes; from the shooting stage, though the digital manipulation processes you followed. In the case of composites, we might require you to also submit the original source images from which you've made your final image.


Controlling how many emails/notifications you would like to get from Photo Critic …

We know that some people find too many emails distracting and annoying. Our platform offers a solution to all of this by condensing all your Photo Critic notifications into a daily summary. If you want to enable just that, then please check the link below for a walk-through…


Comment on others work...

  • After approval of your photo(s), we request that you will comment on the three (3) images, which is directly to the right of yours. 
  • Commenting on other members' images may not be as daunting as you may think. If you just started out and are still inexperienced, try to stay clear of giving advice about settings etc. Rather say what you like about the image or what you don't like.
  • If you are an experienced photographer, do not hesitate to critique the image. If there's room for improvement you may provide constructive advice. Share tips and ideas on how the image could have been improved such as suggesting a tighter crop, sharpening and enhancing the contrast etc.
  • The most important rule is, to be honest, yet constructive. Never attack another photographer, or become personal. Also stay clear of personal preferences, and or if you don't particularity like a specific style. Accept that photography and art can be very subjective at the least.


Additionally, if you would like to receive photography tips and tutorials from Digital Photography Courses straight to your mailbox check out... http://www.digitalphotographycourses.co.za/subscribe/. Remember to follow us on other social media platforms such as…





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