Here's a recommended list of studio equipment we discussed...


WHITE PVC Background 3.2 x 6 meters

Black PVC Background 3.2 x 6 meters

  • (buy these from Herbie Lindstrom at 011 682-3889

Chain System or Background Stands (Cameraz for Chain System)


2 x 300 Watt Lights

1 x 150 Watt Light (for hairlight, kicker etc)

3 x Stands (1 with Wheels and another with a boom)

1 x Large Beauty Dish w/ honeycomb grid and Diffuser (shower cap)

2 x large softboxes (preferably those with quick setup

2 x small reflectors and shoot through umbrellas

Trigger system for your specific camera

Bags for these if you plan to travel with your stuff.

Light Meter (No need to buy a too expensive one. The Seconic L308-S has been proven as one of the best value for money light meters.

  • buy these from Graham Robertson at 011 478-3663
  • Also Camera Stuff

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Dit gaan my baie help vir wanneer ek my equipment gaan koop.
Baie dankie Danie!

This is a well thought through list for a start up system.  Whoever buys this system will have years of lighting pleasure ahead of them!

Fantastic! thanks for the Info Danie.


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