I have now organized backdrops for my studio, and the next mission is getting monoheads, shapers and stands.


As far as this equipment go, I have received 3 quotes from studio equipment outlets. All 3 amount to close to R11K, and include 3 high-watt monoheads, spring loaded stands, boomstand, monoboxes, barndoor, snout and wireless trigger.


For this money I'm (obviously) not getting Elinchrom, but (probably) Chinese brands like Jinbei Spark, Hylow, Godox and Photon. As I can't find Amazon reviews on them, I'm wondering if any studio owners on this forum use these lights and if there are of these brands that are recommended or you have had any bad experiences with (i.e. recycle times, overheating, discharging, firing on time, etc).


Any help would be appreciated.


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Hallo Izak, I will take the liberty to invite you on saturday for a workshop as well as demonstration on studio lights and everything that goes with it.    It is not always easy to make dicisions and I think one should do your homework properly.  The workshop and demo is for free I am sure you can bring your camera system flash ect with to have a test run on the lights.  The address is Risidale school in San Michelle Randburg.  I am going to be there too as I think it is something not to be missed.  Someone who I render as my mentor in photography is one of the presenters there, so this is an exellent opportunity to ask questions, testing and all the rest that goes with it.  I also just want to mention for moral and ethical purpose and respect for this site that my "mentor" is not in the training business he is just a brilliant fellow photog!  Let me know if you are interested.

Hi Amelia !

I like the fact that you have a mentor. We can learn so much from them and especially if they are working photographers in the business or serious amateurs. Usually the information we get from them is first-hand and learned from experience. This is a very important subject you touched on and from our side as Admins of this site we strongly encourage our fellow photographers to have mentors. Thank you for that.

Dankie Deon.

Thank you for the invitation Amelia.


I would have loved to go, but unfortunately I have a couple of previous engagements later today.

Izak, I have been using Jinbei lights and I have not experienced any problems with them. The recycle time is fast and I have been shooting +/- 300-400 photos per session and do not have any problems with overheating. Mine are the jinbei 300 ws lights.
Thank you, I will have a look at the Jinbei. From what I've heard Hylow can get a bit warm after extensive use. The other brands I'm still a bit in the dark about, excusing the pun.
You can look at www.lightstream.co.za or www.cameralight.co.za. The jinbei lights are fan cooled and therefore should not give any issues after extensive use. The halow lights are not.


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