For many of us (if not most), capturing that 'beautiful landscape' is the reason for us buying a camera and probably what got us interested in photography in the first place... But as you begin to understand what you are doing and discovering the true potential of photography, suddenly it appears to not be that simple! You have a small window of oppoprtunity to capture that perfect scene, you cannot always control the light, and sometimes the scene in front of you just doesn't seem to offer that much to work with!


But as photographers we learn to find our inspiration. So, to help you find inspiration, check out the photography of landscape photographer Saurabh Deoras - some pretty amazing pictures!


Kind Regards,


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Dankie Heinrich. Ek het sommer die site ge-boekmerk vir toekomstige verwysing!

Beautiful!  Thanks for sharing this link.


Thanks for sharing Heinrich! If any of our members come across an interesting site, then please share with us. This is the right forum to do just that.

Thanks Heinrich,  awesome photo's.    I found it very interesting to note that almost every photo,   a ND filter was used.


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