I would like to thank all members who joined us on Sunday the 11th January at the Rhino and Nature Reserve for our very first DPC Wildlife Workshop. I hope you all had a good time and went home with stunning images and a little more knowledge to assist you with your photography. As promised, I have started selecting from the images you have given me during the morning and will give you constructive critic - Have mercy on me! Please allow me to explain the process: I will critique on your images taken during the morning first - Then give you the opportunity to post one of your images from the afternoon shoot. Please wait until I am done with your first image before posting. This will keep matters orderly and easy to follow. (You can enter your final product after editing or without editing if you wish) The aim here is to compare the before and after results That you will spot some common mistakes of your own, which was covered during our workshop later in the day I am aware that you were capturing the images without any assistance and without prior advice, tips and tricks - please don't take my critique personally - the aim is to assist you instead As far as your images of the afternoon shoot is concerned - Rather allow me to be the judge - don't be to critical on yourself!!! My findings will be based on technical pointers only as I have no emotional attachment to your image Once I have given you feedback on your images, I will invite you to post ONLY ONE, at this stage, of your Images captured during the afternoon to compare. Please do not enter more than one at this stage - we will do that after completion of this assignment. You can enter as many as you like on the Safari Shutters group page: ONCE WE ARE DONE WITH THIS ASSIGNMENT. The aim is to give everybody the oppertunity to have a BEFORE and a AFTER image. Happy shooting!! BRUNA

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