Our workshop with Wildlife photographer; Heinrich Ven Den Berg

Heinrich's workshop

Here is a few images taken at our Workshop with Heinrich Van den Berg on the 22nd January, for everybody to enjoy.  We would once again like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for attending.


Heinrich Van Den Berg for sharing 25 years of knowledge with all of us

Danie & Deon for assisting where possible

Johann for fetching our subject matter to enable us to practise our panning shots -   a Yorkie called Mickey.

Thank you Mickey for running around chasing a ball – have to add... he was hiding behind the bushes most of the time instead! but we still love him

Brandon from Ascot Mews who helped us when we had a power failure – This was not on our agenda and we would like to apologise.

Pietman and everybody ells who travelled from far to attend.  What can i say, when you are a nature lover, distance means nothing!

Steve Rudd who took these images whilst we were all lying on the grass practising our panning shots.

Mickey  - hiding behind the bush again Mickey with the ball - tooo fast to get a clear shot!!

We are trying our best - there must be something wrong with my camera today??

Heinrich trying his best to explain

Safari Shutters

We are getting there

Deon - always ready to help us

Team work

Thank you Deon

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