Us as wildlife photographers absolutely love nature and are curios as to what beautiful things were put on this earth for our enjoyment.

When we see such amazing sights, it is a remarkable experience to be able to pay the picture from the human eye justice by photographing it with the right equipment to enjoy forever thereafter.

We however, do not want to keep these beautiful images to ourselves and want to share them with the world, to show them just how beautiful our planet is.

By so doing, we open ourselves up to either a lot of praise and respect but also sadly, to criticism.

Many people do not understand, that by taking pictures, we don’t necessarily support the situation in which our subject matter finds itself. We are merely taking pictures to capture the situation and moment, and in some way giving our subjects a voice, who cannot speak for themselves.

In some aspects, journalism and wildlife photography are succumb to the same criticism. Journalism may capture horrible images of death camps or the tragedies of war, likewise, wildlife photographers may capture beautiful lion cubs taken out of their natural habitat and being kept in captivity. Just by capturing these images, as horrific as they are, we are hoping to tell our subjects’ story, sharing their beauty and existence and somewhat invoke empathy with our viewers, rather than supporting the situation surrounding the image. 

So I’ve made myself a promise, that every time I go out to photograph I will go out with that purpose and will not allow negative critics to take me away from my love of photography.

I just had to share my thought with you all and hope you enjoyed the read. 

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Thanks Bruna, I totally agree with you. I also feel that proper constructive criticism (DPC is a excellent example) should always be received with a positive mindset, never as personal and negative. It is also an immense privilege to share and enjoy the images of other photographers.

Wow! Brilliant photo Bruna, I also agree with what you say, we us wildlife photographers want to share the story behind the image and it not always easy to portray the event taking place with a photo and have people understanding what is taking place. Photography will always be special for me, LOVE IT!!

I agree with the two of you! There are so many rules in photography. Driven by our passion, we capture our images the best way we know how. We apply the rules that work for us, creating our own image.At the end of the day..that is what makes our images different to the next. DPC thankfully gives us the platform to share ideas and knowledge between ourselves to learn from. I am also a member of a camera club where we have to apply so many strict rules !! Sometimes I feel like I cannot breath!!

Dankie Bruna, ek stem ook saam  en kon nie beter woorde kry vir ook my liefde vir fotografie en veral "wildlife" fotografie!

Geluk met 'n pragtige foto!

Your thought does not only come through your lens, but also through your heart.Your passion is reflected in the quality of your photography. Thank you for sharing these thoughts from your heart!


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