Because I have been asked so often about this, I decided to add this on the discussion forum as a how to guide. Several people have asked me how they upload images onto the macro group as it works slightly differently to how images are uploaded from the main page.

Step 1:  Scroll down to where you see the “ Comment Wall” where there is a window for you to type a description and info about your image.

Step 2: After you have written your comments click the second icon from the left on the top bar of your comment box. This will open a dialog box where you can upload images from your own computer.

Step 3: Browse on your computer to where the images are saved, select the relevant image and then click ok.

Step 4: This will load the image into the comment box, you can add more text or additional images the same way. When you have added all the images you want (because you can do several images in a single comment window) click add comment.


It is very easy and straight forward, it is how I created this discussion which combines text and images. On the macro group you may upload as many images as you like as often as you like, and comment on other peoples uploaded works too.

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