There is a copy of the original image that was loaded on the site. I could see straight away the image had more potential than had been realised in the editing of the shot. So I loaded a post processed version for Gerda, so that she could see what her picture had the potential to be.

I will explain how I got to this result in just three easy steps. The first thing I notice straightaway is that the image is slightly bland and flat. It does not have much vibrancy or punch to it. This is made very clear when examining the histogram, which is always a good starting point for editing images.

You can clearly see that the right-hand edge of the histogram is very flat. So I used auto levels and got this result.

This has greatly improved the colour, particularly in the background which is now a complimentary blue. You can see now however that there is still a flat spot on the right-hand edge of the histogram. So I correct that manually.

step two: I just added a bit of sharpening.


step three: add a bit of saturation to liven up the colours.


And in literally less than 2 min, you get a completely transformed image. This is a low res file but you can see the benefits of post processing your images.

John Onderstall

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Dankie vir jou moeite John- mooi raakgesien Gerda

Thank you John!!

Thank you John. Helpful to see a histogram example, will also use this on some older shots of mine.

Just tried this out - awesome tip!


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