With our first Basic photography classes, I always "preach" to the attendees to start a photographic project of their own as soon as possible...


A photographic project will provide you with direction and purpose. Decide on a theme and the output you want to achieve…


Ideas for projects...

  • Focus on a specific colour (strong colours like red, blue, yellow),
  • People in your Neighbourhood,
  • Cars,
  • Mechanics, Lawyers, Shefs (Any occupation you can think of)
  • Pets
  • Household Utensils,
  • Modern and Old buildings i your Area
  • Flaura in your Area,
  • Textures

These are but a few ideas, which may help you to come up with your own ideas. Just know that virtually any object, or subject, will work, as long as it is interesting and contextual.



You need to decide how you are going to present, or display your images. Obviously you would want to decide who your target audience is going to be. Will you be doing an exhibition? You can invite friends and family and even use your own home, or the clubhouse. Here's a few aspects, which will make you think...
  • Will you print it?
  • Fine-art paper, Canvas?
  • Black and White? Colour?
  • Will you frame it?
  • Not printing it... What about a audio-visual slideshow? Maybe send it to all your email contacts in a PDF?
  • What about a Photo Essay on Facebook? A Blog Post on Photo Critic?
I decided to post a few sample images to show just how simple it is to do a project. It is all images taken in Ghost Town Namibia. Images of baths, basins, and toilets. I converted all the images to black and white for uniformity. They will be printed fairly large at A3  size on fine art, litho realistic paper, and framed  exhibition style. We will hang the images in the passage leading to the bathroom and toilet of our new Studio! (news coming up soon)...
Please comment on this, and if you have any ideas, you may think will work, then please share...

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Danie this is awesome. Thank you for this information and the guidelines are more than welcome. Will def. look at this.

Nie rêrig 'n skaduwee nie. Was donker agter, met lig wat van daai venster inkom.

Charmaine Moriene Du Preez said:

Danie die is uitstekend! Love die tweede een van onder af. Dink ek sien n persoon se skaduwee by die derde een van onder af. Dankie vir die shots, sal verseker die bietjie probeer.


Firstly the images are stunning, and each one deserves its own credit. Thank you for sharing your work.

I think it is a stunning Idea. There is nothing worse than not having a reason to photograph...

I have been focusing on large panoramics (excuse the pun) and it has taken all my attention to finding suitable subjects.

I personally have been wanting to do a photobook of "Tyre Shops" as there were some stunning examples in West Africa. I could do a Photobook of Panoramics of tyre shops.. You have inspired me to get my "A" into gear and start my own project.

The other idea I have been thinking about is photographing sport that I do, and as I will probably not ever go to Track Worlds due to my fall... I will use my tallents to photograph track or Cycling etc.

P.S. Just ordered Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VR2...  No More low light difficulties at f2.8. (Just need to sell old f2.8)


Hi, yes... this is brilliant photos... each one deserves its own medal. By starting a project(s), you also start building your portfolio.

I heard of a guy that took a photo of a windmill (wind pomp) with no photography experience what so ever, upon which several people gave him such good feedback he started to drive through the whole off South Africa taking photo's of all sort of windmills.

PS! Time, effort and patience plays a great roll when tackling such projects ! ! !  

Elke foto spreek boekdele!! Tx for sharing!!

Danie, thanks for the very informative ideas, it was great to be there with you guys, Ive shown these photos to all who were interested in our tour, the way you have edited these into black and whites is a very interesting way to show the mood of the place. From a plumbing perspective, they definitely built things to last.

Regards Wyn Deisel

Danie,   WOW!!!!!! 





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