So I had an interesting critique on 1x for this image, and the overwhelming feeling was that I need to rescale the image to give the bottom more emphasis. They felt there was "too much sky". So the one critic taught me how to "rescale" an image, something I've never done before. I would love to know what you guys think of it. I also thought it could be useful information for anyone who likes playing with Photoshop and didn't know about this (like me :-)).

The first image is the one without scaling, so as I took it. The second one is with scaling.

The method is as follows (copied from my critique on 1x):

First, open the Photoshop 'Ruler' tool. Use the shortcut 'Ctrl + R' on your keyboard. Right-click somewhere on the ruler's scale and select 'Percentage'. That step is necessary so we'll both be on the same page. : )

Now find the rectangular 'Marquee' tool. It's on the left tool palette, near the top - or just use the keyboard shortcut 'M' on your keyboard. Click and drag to make a selection of the top of the image - from the left edge to the right, and from the top down to just above the lighthouse peak.

Next, go to 'Edit>Transform>Scale', position the mouse pointer over the small square at the top center of the selection, click and drag it down to about the 15% mark on the 'Ruler' scale. Press 'Enter', and then click on 'Select>Deselect' - or use the shortcut, 'Ctrl + D' on the keyboard. Now the sky is compressed, and there's some blank white canvas above the image.

The next step is to use the rectangular 'Marquee' tool to select the entire image and then move it upwards with the 'Move' tool to cover that blank canvas. The 'Move' tool is at the top left of the tool palette - or use the shortcut 'V'on the keyboard. Click and drag to move the whole image up to cover the blank canvas. To 'nudge' the image one pixel at a time, tap the arrow keys on the keyboard. If the 'Shift' key is held down, each tap of the arrow keys will move the image 10 pixels. When the image is postitioned, release the mouse and type 'Ctrl+D' to deselect.

Use the rectangular 'Marquee' tool to select the bottom of the image - from just under the base of the lighthouse to the bottom of the image. Go again to 'Edit>Transform>Scale', then click and drag the bottom 'handle' down until the image fills the blank canvas. Hit 'Enter' when done, and then 'Ctrl+D' to deselect.


Just one note: After compressing or stretching parts of an image with the 'Edit>Transform>Scale' tool, look closely at the transition between the transformed and un-transformed areas. Sometimes a fine line appears, or the details may not line up perfectly. Usually that can be fixed quickly with the 'History Brush', 'Clone' tool, or 'Spot Healing Brush'.

The idea here is to move the horizon up without losing the cloud formation. I would probably not stretch the bottom quite as much (just personal taste), but the change is quite significant. I still don't know whether I agree with it, to be honest, I can't decide which version I like more.

But hopefully this method is helpful to others as well :-)

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Thanks. I think our members will find this very handy! 

Happy to help :-)





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