Amongst the craziness of this years wedding season I thought Id put some breaks on the daily grind to share a few images from yesterday's wedding. Each wedding we photograph presents its own unique challenges and I love how that keeps us thinking on our feet. I believe that each time our creativity and skill gets tested they grow a little stronger. This might not always directly translate into better shots but it does mean that we stay challenged and when a great shot presents itself we know how to find it and capture it.

Weddings are so full of moments and emotions and it is important that we are able to identify them and press our shutter button at the right moment. If we have done our job right we should have decent lighting and acceptable camera settings to make a good photograph from these fleeting scenes.

Here are a few "Same day edits" that I show my clients before the end of the evening. Showing these images on the wedding night helps create added excitement and momentum into the after-sales process, which in turn adds to the bottom line. Join Trompie Van Der Berge and I on a DPC wedding workshop to find out more.

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Hi Warren

Am very impressed on your early days to become a photographer you are today, perhaps let me applaude you for all the achievements over time.  honestly I admire your work truly and if I may pose a question of style, what courses did you take from inception, those that did turned you who you today are?  Or those you recommend for a beginners in photography.


Your assistance will be much highly appreciated.




David (Mr.)







Hi Warren

Please would you and Trompie consider a weekend wedding workshop for our "so called" advance photographers. Unfortunately we just all can't get off work for a week workshop and the beginning we have already done.

Many thanks for all the sharing

I would love to do a mid week workshop Fransie. I cannot promise that it will happen this year but I will take it past Danie again :)

Hi David, thx for your interest in our work. Overall camera skills are a must and then definitely working on developing your visual intelligence is what I recommend. Danie Bester has mentored me for the last few years and working under a mentor has given me exponential success.



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