I am sharing two edits of the same portrait. The portrait of Elani was shot on our latest Studio Lighting Workshop. These shots were edited using Warm and Cool colours, which is the most basic form of colour design. Warm colours consist of orange, red, and yellow hues; while cool colours consist of blue, green, and light purples.


Visual designers will often choose a warm or cold colour scheme to dominate, then add a few elements that incorporate the opposite (complimentary) colour to balance the image. For these two similar, but very different edits, I used the same principle. For the first edit, I used warm hues primarily; then added soft blue hues (which was fortunately also present in her dress) to create balance. For the second edit, I used blue hues to dominate, and balanced it with subtle warm hues.

Image 1: Warm colours to dominate and subtle blue hues to balance

Image 2: Cold hues to dominate and balanced with warmer colours

How I've edited it

I primarily used Lightroom, and specifically White Balance and the Radial Filters to create the colour mood and added the soft textured overlay in Photoshop. Total editing time; 5-10 minutes per image. 

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