As a photographer It is an honour for me to be able to make beautiful images for my clients during one of the most important days of their lives. Wedding photography allows me to meet a lot of very interesting characters and visit some beautiful places across S.A. and its neighbouring countries while blissfully clicking my shutter button over 65 000 times during 2015. 


It is one of the few forms of photography where you are allowed into a very personal space that is otherwise only shared with close friends and family. My clients allow me into that space (and pay good money as well) because they hold what we as wedding photographers do in high regard. Here is a very small selection of my personal favourite images that I created with my clients during 2015. 


I am even more excited about the year that lays ahead due to the fact that I will be co-presenting the DPC wedding workshop as well as presenting the DPC posing workshop.  I will be getting to share a lot of the information, tips & tricks that I have picked up along the way with other aspiring wedding photographers.


Finally I would like to thank the DPC and PhotoCritic community for their support and encouragement throughout last year. I was not able to be as active in the PC community as what I would have liked to be due to me needing to spend a lot of time on the expansion of my own wedding photography community. 2016 will be different in that I now have my wife Sharon working with me full time as well a Luke, my assistant.


In particular I would also like to thank my personal photography mentor Danie Bester that has always lent me an ear when I need advice and has been a brutally honest and knowledgeable soundboard over the last few years. His input and friendship has been instrumental in my development. Luke Van for his dedicated assistance and support has also added much to the Warren James brand during 2015. 

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Very impressed Warren! I like how you combine Storytelling and Art! 

And thanks for the kind words. It is an honour to be associated with you and your team!

Brilliant work.

Thx Danie and Deon.

Wow! Stunning. Thank you for sharing!


Such excellent work, I am sure that you have very happy clients.

Congratulations on these stunning images. You are becoming a master of your craft. Very inspiring.

Thx for all your kind words Susan (x2 :), Paula & Michael.


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