Hi everyone, 

I hope you are rested and invigorated with creativity! I wish you all a wealthy and healthy 2018.

I will only make my official announcement on what you can expect from DPC, within the next three weeks. You can expect some exciting changes, including a new online student platform…

However, without letting the cat completely out of the bag, my break has ended. I am about to lift the upload restrictions and you can start uploading your holiday photos straightaway! 


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Danie, we have spoken a couple of times about your future plans for DPC. So to say I am excited about the new things that are going to happen is an understatement. Wishing you and the DPC team everything for the best for 2018 and really looking forward to these exciting changes. 

Thanks Luke and thanks for being such a great student and friend! 

Happy New Year Danie and team! I am looking forward to what 2018 has to offer, and really looking forward to your dream for the future DPC taking flight.

Dankie Nadia :)

Happy New Year Danie and best wishes with your plans for DPC in 2018! I'm looking forward to seeing the changes and hoping to be more active with uploads this year.

Thanks kindly Eugene! 


Thanks for all your hard work, the online student platform particularly caught my eye as and interesting option.  

I'd also like to point out I am interested in the Pixmag reference you made in your comments, however using the link provided for a subscription to Pixmag (https://www.pixmag.co.za/I received this error from Google.  

"The page owner blocked this page from Google in a suboptimal way, so we couldn't create a good page description. If you know the site owners, let them know that "robots.txt is blocking Google and can't create a site description in search results"

So perhaps there is an alternate URL, I didn't get any results trying various queries.

Thanks for the kind words Bob. Unfortunately, the Pix Magazine is no longer published in SA. I will keep you all posted in terms of the Online Student Platform. Perhaps, you will become our first International Student :) 


Thank's that will be fine with me.

I know you're developing the platform for future completion.  At that time should you need any Beta testing, I'd be happy to give feedback.

I use an iMac and an iBook for processing and communication.

Thanks for a fantastic website, I've enjoyed it greatly for a number of years.

Good Luck,

Bob Fulton


I've been wondering lately about the status of the site, there doesn't seem to be much current activity.   The way I understand it more member participation is to replace a diminished role by the Photo Critic staff.   I make comments on other photos from time to time, which like some other members  I find difficult but take a stab at it.   I did happen to notice a couple of my uploads have been in the waiting for approval status for a couple of months and I'm not sure if I've followed the process properly.   

Good luck with ongoing development of Photo Critic, I became a  Photo Critic member about eight years ago and consider it one of the premier photography Websites online. 

Best to you and the site,

Bob Fulton





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