I sincerely hope that my previous post, "Opportunities and Challenges that awaits us Photographers in 2017" will motivate you to a new level. 

To help you reach that new level, we've made some changes to our photography courses line-up for the new year. Here it is! 


Creative Photography Programme

Those of you, who have already done the "Expanding your Vision" series, will be glad to hear that its follow-up series, "Developing a Personal Photography Style and building a Portfolio" has been scheduled for the end of January. 


New 2-Day Photoshop Course

After consulting a number of students, we've made a decision to add another day, to our original Photoshop Course. The new, 2-day course, will introduce new facets while allowing added time to practise and solidify the techniques you have learned. The course will be presented by our newest team member, Meagan Lubbe. Meagan is the founder and owner of Lumia Studios, a design studio with experience in various aspects of visual communication; from art directing and styling, to brand building and bespoke design. Meagan has years of experience in photo editing for top beauty houses. She is also an experienced photoshop instructor and has been lecturing in graphic and multi-media design, for the past 8 years. We're glad to have her!


Portrait Portfolio Shoots

Our 2-day Portrait Boot Camps, made way to a new format; 1-day Portrait Portfolio Shoots. These practical shoots will be presented by Trompie van der Berg, DPC's lighting guru, or myself. These practical on-location shoots will involve 2 experienced models, professional lighting setups, themed styling , and wardrobe changes. Classes will be kept small, to a minimum of 10 photographers. These portfolio shoots will offer great value for money in saving you on the total expenses of paying for two models, location fees, styling, and wardrobes.


Wildlife Photography Courses

We have worked out some new programmes to accommodate wildlife photographers at different experience levels. Bruna Mentrup-Nortje, our wildlife instructor, will be presenting a 1-day wildlife course for novice photographers, while facilitating multi-day workshops and photographic safaris for more experienced wildlife shooters! We got amazing feedback from last year's 5-Day Photographic Safari and would like to continue doing it. We are still confirming final schedules and will be announcing the new wildlife photography programmes by February.


Special Offer to students, who would like to do a refresher Basic –...

Over the past few years, our course presentations and success-rates have improved dramatically. We therefore, would like to offer a R1, 000 discount, to students who have already done a basic-intermediate course and would like to do the complete course, once again. If you're interested in a refresher course, follow the heading above and use the code "30-2017" in the Gift Certificate Field on your digital registration form. 


Check out all our other photography courses for 2017

If you're interested in our complete course line-up, click on the heading above, or visit DPC's website at... http://digitalphotographycourses.co.za/photography-courses/

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