So I kind of stumbled upon Luminosity masks by pure accident (I missed your blog post on them in Jan 2015 Danie), and have spent the last few days playing around with them. I found this great tool that simplifies it significantly, Lumenzia ( I can highly recommend it, it doesn't automate things, but it makes it MUCH easier to visualise the masks and use them. It costs roughly $40.

Before luminosity masks (a quick b&w conversion and a few quick LR adjustments - granted didn't spend much time on it):

After Luminosity masks, created by using Lumenzia:

These things are amazing to work with, I had so much fun, you have control over every little thing. As long as you have a vision of where you want to go with which parts of your image, you are in full control. Love it!

PS - yes, I know that converting a rainbow to b&w is a sign of being slightly obsessed with b&w....

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Thanks for sharing Nadia. I've been using luminosity masks for architectural photography fro some time now, but have to confess that it takes a lot of time, even though I run some pretty nifty action-sets, that automate a lot of the processes. I will surely check out the link you shared :)


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