Incredible High Dynamic Range of the Nikon D750... a Wedding photographer's dream!

I am sometimes just astounded by the ridiculously awesome dynamic range of the D750... What is dynamic range? It is your camera's ability to record details in both the highlights and the shadows. Why is this important? If I expose for a subject against the sky I will get a properly exposed subject but the sky will be completely blown out. If I expose for the sky my subject will be completely underexposed. How well your camera records details in between these two extreme scenarios is the dynamic range. That is the reason landscape photographers take HDR images which they then merge afterwards to retain detail in both the highlights and shadows. The image above is straight out of camera, completely under exposed. In fact it is 4-stops under exposed. I took the image as a test to see what color is left in the sky. The image at the bottom is the same image corrected in Lightroom with correct exposure, some saturation added and highlights brought down, shadows opened, in total three minutes of basic editing. It's important to note that still there is no banding and I have not added any noise reduction. So it is very much possible to create an HDR image without the need for multiple images or fancy software. In terms of weddings this is such a blessing. As wedding photographers we constantly work with changing light conditions, we have a bride walking out of a dark church into full-on sunlight. Changing ISO's and shutter speeds on the fly in a fast-paced pressure situation can sometime be tricky. So whenever I am faced with a fast paced lighting change situation I simply make sure to underexpose as I can easily recover detail afterwards like below. So yes, those who say kit does not matter, not entirely true...:-)

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I actually wanted to post a similar image comparison for the D750 a while back. I haven't used HDR since I got the D750 because I just don't need to. So it's a pretty great camera for us lazy landscape photographers as well :-)


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