Hi guys,

I'm thinking of buying a filter system to enhance my fine art and landscape photography, and I came across the Formatt Hitech Firecrest filters. I was wondering if any of you have experience with these filters and whether you could give me some feedback / recommendations? I looked at the Lee system but it it incredibly expensive compared to the Formatt ones and from the few reviews I've read it seems as though the Formatt filters have less of a colour cast than the Lee filters (not that this bothers me much since I mainly shoot B&W).

Are the rectangular systems better than the round ones? I have to admit my screw on ones tend to drive me insane....

Thanks in advance :)

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Thanks so much Johan, that helps a lot.

My setup is a 20mm f/1.8G, 24-70mm f/2.8G, and the 70-200mm f/2.8 VRI. I will probably use it most often with the first two, with limited use on the 70-200mm.

I'm looking at the "Master Kit" but it might be overkill. I definitely want the 13 or 16 stop (it works well for fine art, and as you say, it is fun!!), and a Grad and the polariser. I also need something like a 6 stop to give me a bit of flexibility I guess. So basically what you have from the looks of it. What exactly would I need to buy then in terms of parts? I was considering the kit out of pure laziness, but if I can get some guidance it will help a lot. I have no idea where to begin with a filter system.

Glad to be of help.

There are a few "master kits" ( refering to the outdoorphoto website), most of them use the resin filters ( top of the range before the firecrest filters ) and there is nothing wrong with them.

According to the Nikon USA website, the 20mm, 24-70 G and the 70-200 have a filter thread of 77mm.

So the choice is yours? a 100mm or 85mm filter system? I cant list any pros or cons regarding the two systems as i have only used the 100mm system.

Glass (Firecrest IRND filters) or resin (IRND filters)?

A polariser sounds like a good idea, a few people use them , but it becomes another ballgame when used in conjunction with ND Filters.

ODP links for polariser



And Danie has a good explination of what happens when you use polarisers on wide angle lenses.

So, a list parts: (for a 100mm system)

(links to ODP website)

1. 100mm modular filter holder.

2. 77mm adapter ring (should fit on all 3 lenses)

3. ND Filters, ND grads, The choice is yours,,,

4. A sturdy (heavy) tripod.

5. a cable release

6. filter pouch

7.i use a click lock plastic container to store the filter holder and adapter rings in with the spare nuts and bolts in a zip lock bag inside a zip lock bag, yes 2 zip lock bags, they are sneaky little buggers....

7. microfiber cloths.... one to use and spares in a zip lock bag (dust, water drops (waterfalls and the seaside), fingerprints)

8. exposure calculator (printed or cellphone app)

I definitely want Firecrest, I've read subpar reviews about the resin filters' colourcast. I live in Switzerland so I found a place here that sells all of the Firecrest filters.

I would love to find out about polarisers with wide angles. I know nothing about that. Hopefully Danie drops by to educate me :)

Thanks again Johan, you have helped a lot. The last photo you posted convinced me.


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