Greetings to all fellow photo critic members!

I am currently working in the travel industry, and my work is sending me on an "educational" program to Ethiopia this year for 11 days.

I only have ONE spot available for anyone (photo critic member) who would like to join me

Below are the shorten version of the program:

17/06/2015 - Day 1, Arrive 20:50 Addis, overnight
18/06/2015 - Day 2, Flight to Bahirdar and visit
19/06/2015 - Day 3, Drive to Gonder and visit
20/06/2015 - Day 4, flight to Lalibela and visit
21/06/2015 - Day 5, flight to Addis and drive to Langano
22/06/2015 - Day 6, Arbaminch visiting Dorze on the way
23/06/2015 - Day 7, Jinka visiting the tribes of Tsemay, Ari, Benna, etc
24/06/2015 - Day 8, Visit Mursi tribes and drive to Turmi
25/06/2015 - Day 9, back to Arbaminch visiting the Erbore and Konso
26/06/2015 - Day 10, Back to Addis
27/06/2015 - Day 11, Depart 08:40

NETT PRICE: (based on 2 pax travelling)

USD 1,717.00 per person sharing

USD 1,875.00 per person in a single room

FLIGHTS: R12,300.00 per person (estimated and subject to change)

1  ET 808 Ethiopian Airlines  JNB14:20  ADD20:50  0  5hr 30min 
2  ET 144 Ethiopian Airlines  ADD11:30  BJR12:30  0  1hr 0min 
3  ET 122 Ethiopian Airlines  GDQ09:15  LLI09:45  0  0hr 30min 
4  ET 120 Ethiopian Airlines  LLI10:40  ADD11:40  0  1hr 0min 
5  ET 809 Ethiopian Airlines  ADD08:40  JNB13:10  0  5hr 30min

I know it seems like allot of money, but you will not get this offer from anyone else. Retail selling price for this specific tour will be about USD 3,080.00 per person sharing (excluding flights)

Please contact me for further details, should anyone be interested

Thank you,

Jacolene v.d Merwe

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